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October 31, 2005

The Travels of the Bunny Vol. 1

So now the creepy little bastard wanders the world, freaking out passing college students... more to come.

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October 26, 2005

Curly Moustache

ok, so, I've been meaning to post forever, about all sorts of important things, like deleting a database at a new job, and, well, other important stuff.

But what actually got me to post? THIS GUY!

He has made me realize that what I need most is a curly fucking moustache. Because he is the biggest nerd on earth without that thing, and the most sinister, coolest guy ever with it.

So here's to the curly moustache... may you live long, and prosper.


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October 19, 2005

People are fucking stoopid, Part 2

This post should actually be called "Co-workers are fucking stoopid." I was at work this morning subbing for Will, everything was going well and a kid walked into the room and went right past me without being signed in. I walked over and asked her if she needed to be signed in, and she said that she did. So I signed her in and one of my co-workers asked me if I had signed her out. Apparently the procedure in the morning is to sign the kids in when they get to the center and sign them out at the same time because they are all released to class at the same time. Seeing it that I never work in the morning, I was unfamiliar with this. Anyhow, I told her that I didn't know that and would sign her out, to which she basically replied "Then just do it." I cannot recall exactly what she said, but it was basically to that affect. I jokingly said "Okay, I'll do it," with a grin on my face and everything. For some fucked up reason she thought I was screaming at her and told my boss she had to leave and took off. I told my boss what had happened and went on with the rest of my day. After getting back to the center to report for my afternoon shift, I went over to her (my co-worker) and asked if everything was okay with her. She had told me that she didn't like the tone I was carrying with her and made up some bullshit about how I told her to 'shut up' just this past summer. I called her on her bullshit and asked her to tell me when I said that and what it was concerning. She told me she didn't know when or what it was about. Afterwards I just said "Whatever" and left for the other room. When I got to the room I work in, my boss told me that she called the person who oversees all the district day care centers and complained to her and also told her dad, who happens to work at the same school as plant manager. Now she's got her dad and the child care center superintendent involved over something that's really nothing, something she misinterpreted in the first place. This whole fucking thing has gone way out of control and people have gotten involved who should have been left alone.
Originally I was cool with the whole thing because I didn't do anything wrong, it was entirely her fault that she misinterpreted my words. Then I got pissed the fuck off when she pulled that whole 'shut up' thing, but then I got cool with it again when I realized again that I did nothing wrong. If she had just taken care if the thing when it happened then none of this would have ever happened, but instead she went crying to the superintendent and her dad to take care of her own fucking problems. I've got a feeling that she's bringing her personal problems into work if she got that upset over what happened, if that's the case then she can just go fuck herself cause that's extremely uncool and unprofessional.
I just thought I would throw that out there and see what everyone thinks. This was just something that has been on my mind all day, hopefully it will just blow over like it should have in the first place. Co-workers are fucking stoopid, so fuck all of you.

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October 18, 2005

This is something I know I'll be teased about for a long time to come...

From: Geoff Pike [Me]
To: **** ******** [My Boss]
Date: Oct 18, 2005 12:06 PM
Subject: This is something I know I'll be teased about for a long time to come...


You ever do something so ridiculously stupid you can't possibly fathom how it happened?

Well, I owe you an extra hour.

Today, I got up, went to B151 like I always do, put my name tag on, logged in, tutored, watched DEUS's new class, showed people how to log in, looked at the clock, saw it was time to go, got my bag, logged out, took my name tag off, said goodbye to Val, and went to get something to eat (because I have a 1 hour break between when I get off, and have Calculus), talked to an old Theatre Arts professor, and went to Calculus.

Only, no one from my class was in the room.

And when I looked at my watch, I realized I had left B151, and commenced the rest of my day, all exactly 1 hour early.

So, I'm writing you, to say I'm sorry, that I don't know how It happened, and to let you know I'd be more than happy to stay an extra hour on friday, or next tuesday, or any other time you'd like.

I really can't believe I did that.

Sorry again,
I'll talk to you later,

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