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July 31, 2006


This is a problem that I've been having for some time now. As you all know, I work as an aide at a children's center run through SCUSD. I started having some problems last summer with the scheduling that was being drawn up, mostly due to the fact that I kept getting stuck with the same 3 hour shift at the very end of the day for about the last month of summer. At first it didn't seem like that big a deal, until i noticed during the third week of this that I was always getting the same exact shift and that other staff members were getting more then double the hours I was. It was too late at this point to do anything, so I just bit the bullet and finished out the summer. I'm starting to have the same problems this summer now, and I decided to give a call to the supervisor.
After having a ten minute chat with the district supervisor this morning, I am quite angry. I tried to understand the logic behind the scheduling conflicts I am having, and I have failed. What she had told me was some of the most unfair and fucked up bullshit that I've heard in a while. Supposedly her bosses had told her that when she does the scheduling, to give priority to those who have made themselves the most available during the summer, and shaft those who have not. At first this made sense, but then I put some more thought into the matter and I came to the conclusion that this is complete and utter bullshit.
I had taken a class earlier this summer, so I made myself unavailable for three days during the week for the first four or five weeks of summer. This has put me at the bottom of the totem pole to receive an adequate number of hours. So now all I'm getting is the same three hour shift at the very end of the day.
What I cannnot understand is the logic behind all this, the child care supervisor told me that she "rewards" people who have made themselves available during the summer with more hours to work, and gives the shit shifts to those who have not. She says that she tries to make things as even as possible, but still delves out irregular-ass shifts. I have now made myself available all day for the rest of the summer, so why am I not receiving the same shifts as everyone else? Is it because I decided to further my own education and not because I simply didn't want to work? Is it a racist or sexist issue? I may never know the real answer, cause all I seem to get from everyone I ask is bullshit.
What I believe she should be doing is thinking "Okay, now this person has made themselves available, so I should rotate them into the normal schedule like I do with everyone else." At least that's what makes the most sense to me.
Am I totally being irrational? Is this a totally selfish ambition that I am putting forth? Or am I simply too angry? Leave your comments, I may have to kill someone.

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A humble request for Geoff

Hey Geoff, if you read this before Monday night, please do one thing for us: don't get so shit-faced drunk that you are unable to hang with Kev and I on Tuesday. That being said, have a blast and drink hearty. :-)

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July 25, 2006

Fatal Frame

Okay, now Churducken is fixed, and I apologize again. Anyhow, this is the entry which I was originally going to post which broke Churducken in the first place.
I got Fatal Frame last week, so now we got a new game to destroy. I played the first five minutes or so, got freaked the fuck out and played something else. This occurred at eleven o'clock the morning I got it, during broad daylight. It looks like we're in for quite a ride here guys. We should get together soon so we can play. You guys free this weekend?

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Weird encounter

Alright, so I called Geoff right after this happened, but just so everyone else is in the loop, I ran into Cameron on Thursday night at Safeway. Random as all hell, but he is back in town and working as a bartender at the LimeLight. So we should all go by there some time and catch up with that wiley bastard. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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Website Repair...

Hey all... a few days ago I got a text from Kevin.

The text said, and I quote, "I think Churducken is broken (I may have broken it) take a look."

So, I did take a look a short while later... Kevin had, indeed, broken Churducken.

Actually, I don't know that, but I find it pretty funny. Here's what I suspect happened. Churducken uses (er, used) the Berkeley Database system to store all of our delicious posts... But there is a problem with Berkeley DB if it runs out of space when it's trying to save something.

I'm guessing that Kevin tryed to post something to Churducken, but it ran out of space, and when trying to write, corrupted the database files we use. This in turn, set off a flag on the server and the system admin (hi Josh) disabled the account because Movable Type (what we use to do everything on this website) freaked out and started eating up massive amounts of memory.

(For lazy readers: Kevin broke the website.)

I got a hold of Josh, squared thing away with him (radio free Josh) and went to work (man, a good 30 or so hours) trying to recover all our data.

Turns out it's a bitch to recover data from a bunch of Berkeley DB files, and after trying repeatedly to just fix the website, I abandoned all hope and re-installed.

I dumped everything I could from the old database files. Unfortunately, there have been some casualties.

We have lost MOST comments (for whatever reason a couple came through uncorrupted) and we have lost a few (not exactly sure, I think around 6 but it could be as high as 26) posts.

With the re-install I have had to reconfigure everything. Will and Kevin, check your emails... I had the software generate new passwords for you, and they should already be sent to whatever email addresses you had listed on the website config page. You should be able to change your passwords to whatever you want. If you have trouble, let me know.

The good news:

Some good has come from all this... first, we're now using the latest version of movable type (you'll notice some small changes when you post). Also, I've migrated the database from Berkeley to MySQL so in thepry, this won't happen again in the future. Finally, with the latest version of MT, I've gotten dynamic pahe loading working. This is good in that you shouldn't have to "rebuild site" as often to fix things, and I can add nerdy things like the current weather and stuff to the front page.

If you happen upon errors, let me know... they're bound to happen with an all-new setup.


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July 10, 2006


Hey guys, my mom keeps reminding me that our five year high school reunion is coming up. I don't know if it's happening at all because I haven't received any notation yet. Honestly, five years does not seem like a significant period of time for any major changes in any of our lives. Many of us are still in college or have just finished college. I still see or stay in touch with most of the people I really cared about from high school, there would be little for me to see if I went. If it were to happen, were you guys planning on going? I was only going to go if you guys were. Let me know what you want to do.


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July 9, 2006

Bill O'Reilly, Sisyphus of Morons

There is genuinely no one on this earth that I hate more than Bill O'Reilly, and very little that I enjoy more than seeing him torn down and shown to be the bane to humanity he is.

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July 8, 2006

Ninjas of the Caribbean

A Ninja reviews "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"...

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July 6, 2006


I just wanted to ask a couple questions to everyone to clear up some things. First thing is: Geoff and I were talking last week and the idea of a road trip came up. I think this is a great idea if we can find the time to do it. We just need to find a destination, ironically enough I suggested going down south and Geoff suggested going up north. Also, I would still very much like to go to Winchester, but other ideas are welcome. Secondly, I think I will try to obtain a copy of Fatal Frame. Does anyone have a preference for the Xbox or PS2 version? Let me know. That's all for now, Ninja McFear out.

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July 1, 2006

Regarding myspace...

go cry you emo kid.jpg

Man, I love that picture...

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