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August 27, 2006


Hey all... I've added a feature to the website. From now on, when you go to comment you'll see something that says "If you have a TypeKey identity, you can sign in to use it here." You do not HAVE to register for a (totally free, quick and easy) TypeKey account... however if you DO register, you become an "authenticated commenter" and I will immediatly add you to the trusted list. That way your comments won't keep getting eaten up by the spam-blocker. Also, if you register you can add a little icon that will show up with your name on all comments.

If this is largely regarded as a bad idea, I can (and will) remove it. I for one HATE registering for ANYTHING! I refuse to use websites that make you rgister for them, ect. That is why I have made registration optional... but, it makes sense to register to me, because I know I'm freaking sick of having my comments blocked.

Please leave any feedback you have about the new system.


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August 25, 2006

Road Rage, Video Games, Birth Control and MP3s

There is a bunch of small crap I've been meaning to post about... so lets get to it.

1. Road Rage

I have road rage. Everyone knows this. Really, my actual road rage has gotten much better... I've been working on it. I don't actually have much road rage anymore, and in general, if I start to get angry, I think about how much more awesome I am than whoever was pissing me off and let it go. Their life sucks compared to mine. They are an idiot, I am a genius. Someday, I will simply write down their license numbers and change their legal status in the stat's computer system's to deceased. haha, try filling out the paperwork to fix that little "mistake" asshole...


What The FUCK people?! It happened to me again, and I felt like my head would explode... AAAAHHHHHHH....

So, I kept my cool, did not key their car, did NOT leave a note... I simply moved on, but I could not forget about it or let it go... Jesus... Walking to campus the whole time I just kept telling myself "let it go, let it go, let it go"... I even tried deep breathing to calm me down. BUT THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BANE OF SCOCIETY!!! THEY ARE THE ROACHES OF DEATH THAT PLAGUE ALL HUMANITY!! [Description of Death Removed... I don't want people to know how big a freak I really am.] (I would like to point out, this is the NICEST of all the possible deaths I thought up...).

But really... I'm getting better.

2. Video games: Congress Prove their IQ once again

Despite the fact that over and over it's been shown that video game violence does NOT lead to real life violence in "america's youth" congress (in likely hopes to look fashionable for re-election) has decided to beat the dead whore once again. It's very well outlined in this article from techdirt and this clip from the daily show (long live the daily show). But some of the most amazing parts of congress' debate include a congressman claiming that this sort of thing (violence spurred on from video games) is really only a problem in the ghetto, and that rich and middle class white kids (think columbine) aren't effected.

I remember campaigning vehemently back in 5th grade when this subject originally took off; trying to educate people, and show them how ludicrous the idea is. I was then, and am now, the poster boy for "shut the fuck up already", a vegetarian because I don't want to hurt animals... and yet, a gamer who's favorite video game moment of all time was sub zero's head-and-spine removing finishing move.

3. Birth Control and the Morning After Pill

This is going to be short because my head is starting to hurt from remembering all the unadulterated stupidity of parts 1 and 2.

Recently (yesterday?) it was ruled that the morning after pill WILL be available over the counter, without a doctor's prescription to women (and men?) aged 18 and over. As someone who's not just pro-choice, but actually pro-abortion, I think this is great. Sure, it's been deemed safe to take by a girl of ANY age, and sure it should be available on the shelves instead of behind pharmacy counters, but this is still just fucking great. It just leaves me with one little question...


Come on people, why not make the pill over the counter too so 16 and 17 year old girls can prevent the issue in the first fucking place. That way they won't have to skip lunch in order to give their 19 year old boyfriend the $30 it costs to get the fucking morning after pill. IDIOTS!


P.S. Oh yeah, and there's a new way to take your licensed music file downloaded from napster or yahoo music and strip off the drm so you can exercise your legal fair use rights. (Read: FREE UNLIMITED MP3'S 'CAUSE SOMEONE HACKED THE ENCRYPTION!). Ask me for details (PC only).

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August 20, 2006

Kelly Fucking Clarkson

Oh man... I, as I assume all of you do, hate Kelly Clarkson. Or rather, hated. See, I assumed that Kelly Clarkson was some retard tool... an American Idol hack... a bane to real music and talent everywhere. That is, untill I saw this. "I didn't like her before....but now I do? this is just too damn cool."

From the website I poached this from:

Here's a clip of Kelly Clarkson completely wasted at a Metal Skool concert, where the lead singer of Metal Skool proclaims he wants to "fuck her skull." She giggles like a school girl and goes onstage to perform "Sweet Child of Mine." Oh yeah, the guy from Yellowcard was there too.

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August 17, 2006

Things That Make me Angry

Will made a point not that long ago that we typically only post things which we find amusing (in my case, that and stuff which makes me angry). I thought about this for a while, and found it to be true. Keeping alive that tradition and because I have not posted anything in a while, I have compiled a list of things which make me angry. Here goes:

1. People who never respond to messages
2. Bad drivers
3. When movies at the theater suck
4. When everything on TV sucks
5. Incompetent co-workers
6. Incompetent bosses
7. Incompetent supervisors
8. Incompetent supervisors' bosses
9. Stoopid people
10. Ugly chicks in porn
11. Spyware
12. When my computer crashes
13. Getting the wrong piece in Tetris
14. Commercials
15. People who can never show up on time
16. Allergies
17. Incompetence
18. Bible-thumpers
19. Kids with too much attitude
20. Parents (parents in general, and those who can't raise their kids)
21. Bobby Flay
22. The entire Liberal Studies Department and Teacher Education Department at CSUS
23. Pirates
24. When my card tricks don't work
25. Lag
26. Missing Lego pieces
27. When my satellite radio cuts out
28. Bosses who refuse to tell people how to do their job, or to just do their job
29. People who don't think that 8 is the funniest number
30. Waiting

More to come, possibly. Add to this list if you feel. Ninja McFear out.

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August 16, 2006

And now for the bad news

Kevin... I assume you already know, but E3 as we know it is no more. It was decided that for 2007 the Expo will be drastically downsized, for several reasons, none of which I feel are justified. Anyway, I am really pissed we never got to go, but perhaps we can be two of the 5,000 set to go in July '07. Let me know man.


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August 15, 2006

Good times

Just another day in El Salvador. Ran across this among others, thought I should share.

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