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April 29, 2008


Holy crap... I mean... holy crap. See previous entry by Kevin for this to make any sense... and so it can bother you even more.

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More Silent Hill Craziness

Hey all, got some more video posts for everyone. This first one I found on YouTube when I was checking out random Silent Hill stuff. The title of this one was "Silent Hill 4 - The Room Scary Scene." Because we're all immune to the effects of Silent Hill now, I checked it out. We all remember the infections that occurred in the apartment as we progressed through the game, but this video shows an infection that I've never seen before. The video quality is shitty because it came from a handheld camera and the sound isn't good, but you can still figure out what's going on. It is pretty creepy and I'm intrigued to find out how to get it. Check it out:

This next video isn't Silent Hill, it's Ask a Ninja. Watch, and wait for it.

This last one is Silent Hill, and it's mostly to clean your mind of the fucked-upness of Silent Hill. It features my beloved Heather:

That's all for now. Working on the next Hot or Not. Ninja McFear out.

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Gold and Silver pipes???

Kevin actually stumbled across this while on youtube and I thought it was just random enough to warrant an Churducken entry. SH5 can't come out fast enough.

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April 22, 2008

The Real Silent Hill

This is a pretty random video, but it has been a awhile since any SH material was posted, and SH5 is still in production. Hope you guys are doing well. Take care.

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April 17, 2008

Ninja Power

Hey guys, I killed the last two posts I made because I'm a ninja. Seeing those posts brought up stuff I'd really like not to think about. Anyhow, I've had some time to mull over the shit that's been happening in my house the last few weeks and I'm starting to feel better about things, although I am still quite angry. I haven't really said anything to either of my parents in the last week, the only time I talk to them now is in response to one of their questions.
The librarian at my mom's school noticed I was in a funk when she saw me earlier this week and asked her husband, who I do yard duty with, about it. He had no idea, since he hadn't seen me until yesterday. He asked me what was going on, and so I told him about what was happening with me and my mom. It was amazing how he was able to relate exactly to what I was going through and suggested some further steps for me to take. It's like black clouds of despair broke from the sky and this light illuminated my path. It was pretty crazee. He gave me some things to think about, and I feel much better. I had my first real good laugh yesterday after he talked with me, a laugh I haven't had in over a week. I haven't really done anything he suggested (which was talk to my mom), cause I know that it won't make things any better. It's strange how me and this man think on the same wavelength, because he said that maybe it's time for me to move out and have some time and space to myself, which is exactly what I plan to do.
Like I said before, I haven't talked to my mom a whole lot since we had our blow-out last week. I think it's given us both some time to think about what each other is thinking. She has finally learned (I hope) to back off and let me take care of my shit, and I've learned that she will always be mom and a woman so she doesn't need rationale (logical or otherwise) to ask me anything. She's trying to be all nice and shit to me now, which I've largely ignored. I may start talking to her again soon, or else she's going to get mad again.
To put things succinctly, I'm feeling better, still not talking to my parents, looking for a job, all while trying to maintain my sanity.

I've been looking for jobs down in Monterey, where I would ultimately like to live. What do you guys think?

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April 10, 2008

Google Ads

As I'm sure you've noticed, I put google ads all over the fucking site, in the most conspicuous places possible. They aren't staying. I just want to test it out and see if anyone clicks. This is gonna sound weird, but churducken gets almost 1000 pageviews a day. That's nothing in internet-terms, but it still seems really weird to me that 1000 people randomly come here every day.

In related news, you should all be using AdBlock Plus. It's awesome, and you won't see the ads if you install it. I've been using AdBlock plus for years (and before that, AdMuncher). Ads suck. I occasionally use IE for something and can't believe how many ads there are EVERYWHERE.

Also I'm looking into a site re-design. It's looked like this forever, and with the new Movable Type 4 and everything I'm thinking about a revamp.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Also going to try to post more.

Also school sucks.


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