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June 18, 2008

Maria Sharapova: Hot or Not?


Allright guys (and gals?), it's about damn time but I finally got around to it. It's the latest Hot or Not and this one features tennis superstar Maria Sharapova. Even if you don't play tennis you've probably seen her on various television commercials advertising the Canon Powershot digital camera. Even though (I think) they don't even say her name once during any of the commercials, most people can identify her anyway. Nevertheless, I think Maria Sharapova is one of those people who is really on the line between hotness and the opposite of hotness. Surely she looks attractive enough, but one has to consider the entire package. Adding to that point, I'm pretty sure she's some kind of giant. I haven't actually checked how tall she is, but from my vantage point that's pretty much everyone. Anyhow, I think she's also a crazee grunter when she plays tennis, much like Monica Seles back in the day. She comes across pretty arrogant when I see her play tennis as well, she almost carries the attitude "I'm better than you at tennis, therefore I'm better than you at everything, even life," which is the same attitude many girls at McClatchy had (have). Also, I never really found her as physically attractive as I used to find Anna Kournikova or still find Maria Kirilenko attractive. Although I'm sure once you get to know Maria Sharapova she would actually turn out to be a pretty cool person. Now that I've put in my two cents, I want to know what you all have to think. Leave your comments, I hope I don't get in trouble for this.

I've posted a lot the last week or so, I want someone else to post something cool.

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June 17, 2008


Good news for Geoff, bad for me. Then again, I'm a Ninja.

Read Me

Hot or Not coming soon, gimme a few more days.

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June 15, 2008

More Fun Stuff

Hey all, just found some stuff that I wanted to post. I guess I've been doing this as a means to try and get people to come to Churducken, all three of us. Anyhow, I really want Geoff to take a look at this first one and tell me how he does it:

This second one was funny as hell and I thought I would share it, it's a "what if" if fads had become real:

And this last one is just a good read:

Intelligent People Less Likely to Believe in god

Hot or Not coming, really. Trust me.

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June 12, 2008

This is Why Social Networking Websites Suck

The title of this post is merely my opinion based on this article.

Hot or Not coming soon, seriously. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone even comes to Churducken anymore...

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June 6, 2008

The Ninja Pokes Fun at Vegetarians

This video is from the latest installment of "Ask a Ninja." The Ninja takes a crack at vegetarians this time around, check it out. Oh, there's also stuff about ninjas too, my favorite part is when The Ninja talks about the components of moving like a ninja:

I'm still working on Hot or Not. I've been real busy subbing at my mom's school, and I'm pretty beat when I get home. Hopefully I'll have it up when the school year is over.

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