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September 3, 2008



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September 2, 2008

Think You've Had a Bad Day at Work?


Actually found this on digg.com some time ago, but never really had an appropriate post for it. Not that this post is entirely more relevant, I just wanted to get it up before I forgot. So anyway, today was the first day of school in Sacramento City Unified, and I got a sub job for probably the first month of school. I'll be doing PE prep for the time I am subbing, going back and forth between two schools. I'm subbing for the Music prep teacher, but since I know jack about music, the teacher said I should do PE instead, which I've done for her before. Things got started today, and they went pretty smoothly. The kids were good for the most part, it was the teachers who were starting to irritate me.
Anyway, before I sign off, I got one more picture for you all:


This is Angel Matos of Cuba, he was a Taekwondo player in the Olympics in Beijing. As you can see, the ref is suffering the wrath of Matos for being disqualified. Matos was competing against another player in the Bronze medal match when he called an injury time out. Players are allotted one minute for an injury time out before they are disqualified. Obviously Matos used more than the one minute he was given and took his anger out on the referee. As a consequence, the Bronze medal went to the other player and Matos received a ban for life (most likely from the Olympics, I haven't read any further details). So if you think you've ever had a bad day at work, remember this post.

Hope all is well with everyone.

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