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June 27, 2010

Probably not the best idea ever...

So, I was at Gametop and I came across a copy of Silent Hill Homecoming (5) and figured "What the hell? Why not?" I am openly skeptical because it is an American design team on this one (as has been discussed multiple times on Churducken and amongst us all individually) but the small amount of it I have played so far isn't too terrible. The atmosphere is still a lot like the old games we know and respect, but there is still that American 'BOO!' factor that keeps popping in from time to time. So far it's ok, but definitely not the same without you guys there to help out. Hope you're all doing well.

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June 22, 2010

Quick ninja

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June 17, 2010

End of the Year Sadness

So today marked the end of the 2009-2010 school year in Sac City. We all know we've seen a lot of these, and I have seen many more due to my occupation as a teacher. I've seen hundreds of kids come and go, and I often think what I did and said when I was their age. It's always funny to watch sixth and eighth graders at the end of the school year (the school where I do the most work and spend a lot of my spare time is a K-8 school) because I see a lot of students show their emotions as they say goodbye to their friends. There are a lot of kids who cry, both boys and girls. It never make any sense to me, and it still doesn't because my logic then and now is pretty much this: "I'm (They're) gonna see you fuckers next year, and if not then, then plenty during the summer." I know that some of them won't be going to the same school next year, but it's not like they're moving to Alaska or some shit. This is how I've always felt; that is, until today...
Before I get started, I've often used Churducken as a personal journal. I like to write down my thoughts and get feedback on them. It's not like any other journal that I would just write in because I enjoy getting the responses. I appreciate the time you guys take to read what I'm feeling and responding, you are like my sounding board. I think we all share that common relationship.
Anyhow, back to the matter at hand. The story actually starts about six years ago, we were all still in college, and this was about the time I had transferred to Sac State. It was around this time I met a little first grade girl (Jessica) and for some reason or another she decided to latch on to me (not in the literal sense, it's more a term my mom and I use when a person finds great comfort in another, then they tend to hang around said person a lot. Does that make sense at all?) and she would look out for me whenever I was there and just walk around with me out on the playground until it was time for her to go back to class. I really don't remember a whole lot of conversation between us, I mostly asked her if she wanted to play with her friends, which she sometimes did. There were times I remember she would hold my hand as I walked around, which was kinda cute, but admittedly a little strange as well. I didn't really think much of it, nor did anyone else.
I eventually met her parents and her siblings, by which time her parents already knew who I was, by name of course. Apparently she had told her parents all about me. This relationship continued and grew over the years; I remember several years ago when I couldn't even walk by her in the cafeteria or anything because she would grab my arm and wouldn't let go until she was done eating. She didn't care if she had to eat with one hand, she did not want to let go of me. During this time I thought of her as that kid who likes me a lot, but she was still special to me.
(If you're still reading at this point, I truly appreciate your patience) Moving on to early last school year, I had applied for a sixth grade job at another school in the Pocket area. For some reason, I had told very few people about this, and apparently one of these people was this girl's mother (Sarah). I always had a good relationship with the mother, we would spend a lot of time talking about random topics or just joking around, so I was close with her as well. Anyhow, she had gone home and mentioned it to Jessica, who became quite upset and proceeded to cry for some time. Sarah came to school the next day and sat down next to my mom's desk (I happened to be there) and was talking to my mom and mentioned that Jessica had been crying. I had figured it was over something ridiculous because she is pretty sensitive and cries about a lot of things. Out of curiosity, I asked what Jessica had been crying about, and Sarah told basically told me: "I told her you applied for that sixth grade job, and she was upset that she would never see you again." Incredibly confused, I asked if she was joking with me, to which she responded: "Oh no Kevin, my kids love you. You're totally big brother to them, not joking."
I was a little shocked at this point, but it became clear to me how this kid feels about me. It just so happened not long before this Jessica had adopted me as her "long lost God-brother." Ever since I could remember I had always wanted a little sister, and this girl seemed to fit that place perfectly. I suppose we had adopted each other.
(If you're still reading, my appreciation and your patience knows no bounds) All this happened early last year, and naturally I continued my work throughout last year and this year. During this time Jessica and I had grown close. She stopped the hand holding (although she would grab my hand on rare occasions), but she still sought a hug whenever I was there. I really looked forward to seeing her, even if was just for the hug. There was something about her that brightened my day, I suppose that's what charisma is, or something.
Anyhow, it was only in the last month or so that I realized there would be a day that I would have to say goodbye. It sort of hit me like a brick wall, and I thought about what I would do when that time came. It finally came today, and I halfway thought that Jessica would get emotional, while halfway thinking she would be okay. The school day ended, and I did my job of getting most of the kids off campus. Sarah works in the library, so her kids often congregate there after school. It so happened today they were headed off to another family's house after school, so I didn't get a long goodbye like I had planned. I passed by Jessica, and waited to see what she would do, and it didn't surprise me that she didn't say a word to me. I turned around and gave her a hard time for trying to leave without saying goodbye to me. She turned, smiled, and gave me a hug. I gave her my goodbye, and ended with "I love you," to which she responded in kind. The strange part is that I found myself getting emotional and was a little teary-eyed. I expected that from her, but I have never gotten emotional like that, at least not in many, many years. I suppose it means that she meant a lot more to me than I thought she did, and I found myself saddened as she left for her friend's house.
It's not like I won't see her again, and I'll still be in frequent contact with her parents and brother. There was a sense of finality to today though, but her final response to me will stick in my mind forever.
Thanks for reading this, if any of you did. Feel free to respond in any way you choose. It makes me feel better knowing I have a place to share my emotions and receive constructive responses. I'll probably be deleting this entry within the next week or so, unless you all feel a strong need to keep it around. Also, if you're curious at all to see my sister, I suppose I could post a picture. I'm not sure what the legality is regarding posting pictures of minors without parent consent though.

EDIT: I changed the names of the people involved in this post to protect confidentiality, because I was an stupid idiot-fuck retard and didn't think about it when I posted this. Not that it really matters, all the people who visit this website regularly I can count on one hand.

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June 15, 2010

Awesome Vids, Plus Other Stuff

Hey all, just another random post from Kevin. First of all, I just got back into town the other day after being in the bay area for three days with the sixth grade class at MLK. It was a pretty cool trip, I had a lot of fun and so did the kids. The weather was absolutely perfect, except for the wind. Makes me want to move to the bay more and more. Anyhow, found some cool videos today that I wanted to share:

Can we say "owned"?:

And also a picture:


Never fuck with Ninja Hamster.

That's all for now, there's no Hot or Not because I didn't want to do one. Deal with it. Ninja McFear signing off for now, still ruining basements everywhere.

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June 6, 2010



I'll practice my ninja skills wherever the hell I want to, and there is nary a soul who can stop me!!!

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June 1, 2010

Hey All

Hope everything is well with everyone. I just realized that it's been a while since I've done a Hot or Not, so I'll try to get one up soon. I work the next few days and I'll be out of town at the end of next week (I think I'll be somewhat near you Will, I'm probably wrong), so I'll try to get one done either before I leave or after I get back, or whenever the hell I want to.



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