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October 26, 2010

Funnee Stuph, Maybee?

I'm such a 10-year old for thinking this is funny:

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October 21, 2010

Assholes at Work

So as you may or may not know, I've been teaching middle school math at MLK for the last month, and things have gone fairly smoothly. The kids are still very much in a test phase, which is strange because I've gotten close to suspending a few of them. It's not incredibly hard, but I do put in quite a bit of time getting things graded and prepped.
Anyhow, I've been having problems with this one kid pretty much since I started (for confidentiality, I'll call him "Felix"). Felix is one of those kids who can't sit still or keep his mouth closed to save his life. I've tried moving him around my class (I see him once everyday, sometimes twice because of the block scheduling we do), sending him outside to chill, and just straight talking to him. Other teachers have done the same, and I know of at least one other teacher who has called home. Nothing has worked so far.
Earlier this week I told him that I was going to call home because he was screwing around in class. I kept forgetting until I had him in class today, and I finally made the call to his mother this afternoon. I explained what had been happening, it was meant to be one of those "just to let you know" calls, and the parent can take it from there. She was understandably upset, and asked me to pull him from basketball practice (King has a boys and girls middle school basketball team) and send him to the office. So I went out there, pulled him, and sent him on his way. The coach asked if he was in trouble, and I told him that I made a call and that he may lose a member of his team (He barely made the team anyway, mostly because of behavior. This may have been my first mistake, as I made a giant assumption). The coach was cool until I mentioned that he may lose a team member and started going off on me. He also happens to be the middle school PE teacher.
I figured he would do that, he's been known to do things like that when the basketball season is active, and the kids know him as a giant asshole. He starts going on this rave about how I should have told him first so he could talk to Felix before calls home were made, to which I replied that it was my classes he was acting up in, so it's my responsibility, not his. He came back with the idea that he didn't have any leverage over him and that they've only had three practices, I replied that it didn't matter if they have had three or thirty practices, it still shouldn't make a difference; it's been several weeks that all of the teachers have had to deal with the same behavior.
Now he pulls me off to the side and starts going off on some occasion when he told me that I should send Felix over to him should he be causing problems. I didn't entirely remember that conversation, which I readily admitted, and apologized for that. I reiterated that it was my classes he was misbehaving in and I shouldn't have to defer to him in order to handle him. He keeps bringing up the same old shit, and I felt that he was beginning to treat me like one of the middle school kids. I ended the conversation with "I'm done with this conversation (which may have been a mistake, but I was really done at that point)," and walked off. He began to go the other way when he turned around and started in on something else, but stopped himself and said something like "Don't talk to me," and went back to coaching.
I thought about mentioning it to the principal, but something held me back. I warned my mom about it in case the coach walked in all pissed off, then told me that I should tell the principal but he had left by the time I finished talking to my mom. I admit partial fault on my end, but he really had no right to talk to me that way. By guidance of my mom, I will talk to the principal tomorrow morning.

Hot or Not coming soon, I hope. Been a little busy.

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October 7, 2010


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