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September 15, 2011

I Hate Aang

This whole post is in reference to a character in a cartoon called "Avatar: The Last Airbender." If you haven't seen it, here's a quick synopsis:

The world has been plunged into chaos, oppressed by the iron fist of the Fire Nation. There are people who reside in the different capitals of the world who can "bend," or manipulate, the four elements of nature. However, there is only one who can bend all four, and that person is the Avatar. It is their duty to travel to the different nations, learn the elements, and restore balance to the world.
Enter Aang. He is an Airbender from the Southern Air Temple and is destined to be the next Avatar. Whoever is chosen to be Avatar is told when they are sixteen, but the leaders of the Southern Air Temple decide to tell him when he is twelve because they sense the oncoming war, which was to be started by the Fire Nation. Aang, who never wanted to be Avatar, flees the Air Temple and runs away. He almost becomes captured by the Fire Nation, but he freezes himself in an air bubble deep under water and remains there for one hundred years.
The war wrecks the world and the Fire Nation is closing upon victory, the world has all but forgotten the Avatar and has lost hope. However, two young South Water Tribe members stumble upon the resting place of Aang and awaken him. He is briefed on the current situation and eventually learns the other elements and saves the world.

Okay, not so quick, but I had to summarize what the show was about. Anyhow, after watching the series several times, I have come to one distinct conclusion:

I hate Aang.

Not just hate, but hate with a deep-seated, fiery passion. Sure, he's a likable character at first, but as the series progresses you find out what kind of character he really is. He's lazy because he is always trying to find a quicker or shorter or easier way of accomplishing his task. He's arrogant because he's the avatar and makes sure that people knows he is the avatar. He is also always neglecting his duty to the world, sometimes taking his sweet-ass time to learn how to bend the elements or just completely giving up in some cases. He spends the majority of his time screwing around or trying to get into the pants of one of the girls he travels with. He is constantly told throughout the series that the only way to end the war and bring peace is to kill the Fire Lord (the leader of the Fire Nation), but he is always trying to find a peaceful solution.

The big problem is that he doesn't have a lot of time to accomplish said task. It normally takes years to master the elements, the avatar before him took some twelve years to master the elements. Aang, however, has less than one year to do the same task. This is because a comet is on it's way to pass by Earth and give the Firebenders the power they need to win the war. Even still, one would think Aang would be trying his hardest to save the world, but he just lazes around doing whatever the hell he wants (that's a bit of an exaggeration, he actually does train quite a bit).

The reason I hate Aang so much is even through all his bitching (I compare him to Cloud from FF7, a whiny bitch), all his arrogance, all his negligence, he still gets everything he wants when the series ends. He learns the elements (although I wouldn't call him a master), he finds a way to dispose of the Fire Lord without killing him, and he still gets the girl in the end (he was supposed to forget about his feelings for her so he can master the Avatar State, where the Avatar is at their most powerful, but vulnerable) while still mastering the Avatar State. I understand it's a kids show, but let's keep it real here folks. I just hope the next season is better.

Hope all is well with everyone. I may be out in AZ near the end of the year.

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