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August 7, 2012

Hot or Not: 2012 Olympics Edition

As you may know, I am a huge fan of the Olympics. Every time the Olympics come around, the amount of time I spend outside the house declines dramatically and my TV becomes tuned to about two or three different channels. I end up watching sports that I would never, ever give a second to otherwise, and end up learning how to play several different sports.
This time around the Olympics have come to London and I have been cheering on USA (and whoever is competing against China) every step of the way. I think I've watched some amount of just about every sport in the Summer Olympics (I even watched a few minutes of Synchronized Swimming this morning. That shit's crazee), the only one that I think I missed is Sailing.
Anyhow, there have been quite a few athletes who have caught my eye (for various reasons), and I think I will leave this edition of Hot or Not up to you guys. Who are the athletes who you have found the most attractive (or not attractive)? Post pictures if possible, so you may want to respond in the form of a new post. Let's try to keep this clean, make sure your picks are over 18.

As for me, there has only really been one female athlete who I have been following really close, and she would be the only Ms. Alexandra Raisman:


Raisman is a gymnast from Needham, Massachusetts and was chosen for the 2012 Olympic team as well as team captain (possibly because she is the only one on the team over 18). She has various credentials from many gymnastics events from all over, so her reputation certainly precedes her. During these Olympics, she helped the team win gold in the Team Overall competition and was chosen to compete in the Individual Overall, but was barely pushed out of medal contention and took 4th overall. None of that mattered to me, she's hot as hell as far as I'm concerned.
Not only is she a great athlete, but we all got to watch as she played her role as team captain and she showed herself to be kind and caring, also showing great concern for the overall well being of the team and it's members. That's certainly a plus. I really hope we get to see her compete in Rio in four years, but she competes in a sport where age is one of the greatest factors when considering the physical abilities of the athlete, so I find it doubtful we will see her compete in the Olympics again. There's always hope...
If you would like to see Ms. Raisman compete, she and a couple other members of the women's gymnastics team will compete in two event competitions today (Tuesday), and I believe she will be trying to earn a medal in the Balance Beam and Floor. Best of luck, Ms. Raisman.

Posted by Ninja McFear at August 7, 2012 1:31 AM

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